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The Race of Gentlemen

This weekend the whole RPG team went down to Wildwood, NJ to watch and experience The Race of Gentlemen "TROG" event. First let me say if you haven't had the chance to go experience the event as a car person it's a must. The event is probably the closest any of us will get to true hot rodding of the pre 50's era. There is truly something about this event that speaks to every real hot rodder. 

That being said I want to add a real personal point to this post: RPG started in December of 2010. When we started it was a true crap shoot on who we were and where the company was going. That was until I met Josh Kohn. He moved in next door and needed brake lines on his late model GMC. After that repair Josh started bringing his hot rods in for maintenance and repair.  From that day on we started to find that RPG would move towards hot rods and custom cars. We have made some great friends in this business, including the one and only Mel Stultz who is the event coordinator for TROG. The reason I mention this story is because TROG for some is a party, some its a car show, some its a celebration, some it's a race, and some it's a lifestyle. But let me tell you to Josh, Mel, myself, and a lot of people that were there this weekend it's just our lives. 

This weekend two very well known builder/racers went down and had to be brought to the hospital. I don't know these men personally but I do know of them. Both are true hot rodders that will hopefully have a fast and full recovery.

Lastly, I hope that this event will go on for years to come.  I hope that from it more events emerge because we all need a little reminder of a much simpler time, or maybe a new time- a time we can now call our own. A place to get away from the chaos of it all, to enjoy hot rodding in it's purist form.




Patrick Ryan