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Remote Start Guide

When looking to buy a remote start most people don't have all the information they need to purchase what they need.  We want you to buy with confidence when you come to RPG Automotive. Lets start by answering a few questions to narrow down making the wrong decisions for you.

What kind of range do you require on a daily basis?                                                                           

Range is something that all manufacturers put on their packages to give customers a rough idea on distance the transmitter will work from your vehicle.  For example Directed's single button remote start has a "1500 foot range".  One thing that everyone has to understand about range is these numbers change with RF interference.  Things like walls, windows, buildings, and other RF signals.  So basically the 1500 feet is in an empty parking lot.  So make sure when deciding on your remote start you get the one with proper range for your daily life.  There are transmitter options up to over a mile away and now with the SmartStart you can start your vehicle wherever you have cellphone reception.  So there is something for everyone just ask.

What options do you need or want?                                                                                                                    

There are a ton of options when it comes to purchasing your remote start.  First thing you have to know is that just because the option is available on the remote start you purchased doesn't mean it will necessarily work with your vehicle.  The options are different from between the makes and models.  Some options you might be interested in are keyless entry, security, turn on your defrosters, turn on your heated seats, trunk release, power lift gate, power sliding doors, and so on.  One thing about newer vehicles that you have to remember is that the factory keyless may not work when remote started.  In that case you would have to shut the remote start down, unlock the vehicle, then restart the car.  That makes the convenience of a remote start more of a hassle.  Always express to your installer all of the things you're looking for in your remote start so there isn't any surprises for you or the installer.  One of my favorite add ons is the mobile phone apps for the remote starts. You have to pay a yearly fee for them but can really open up the vehicle to all its capabilities.

Are you going to an experienced installer?                                                                                                  

Make sure when choosing a installer for your remote start install that they are either certified or have a lot of experience in the field.  An inexperienced installer can cause major damage to your vehicle that can be very costly.  Any good shop stands by their work and will give you a warranty.   For instance RPG Automotive gives a lifetime warranty on all parts and labor.  This means that you don't have to worry about problems that may occur.  For us to give a warranty like that we only use the highest quality parts for your vehicle.  Don't trust the low ball installers that you can find on any street corner, do some research and find someone you can trust.

What information do you need to get an accurate price and options for my vehicle?                            

When you do call a shop to get all these questions answered please remember to have all your vehicle information ready.  The shop will need to know your make, model, year, engine size, and if you have a push to start or standard key.  This will help the process move along as quickly as possible.  Also will give you a better idea on cost and options.

Hope that some of the information I gave to you today is helpful.  If there are any questions please feel free to email us or give us a call.